Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Story Of The Little Dancer

by Ingrid Prohaska

Once upon a time there was a little girl living in a small town. Everybody loved her. She was the sunshine of her family and had a lot of friends.

Time went by and the little girl started going to school. She was looking forward to learning whatever she could, because she felt she could become someone great. Sitting still wasn’t easy for her and sometimes she would rather have looked out of the window than follow the teacher. But she learned easily and so everyone was satisfied with her.

In course of time the others noticed that there was something different about her. They started watching her with suspicion. What could be the difference?

The little girl noticed that they were watching her and she started feeling insecure. She recognized that her friends were walking and running. But she was only able to move by - dancing.

Her friends felt strange about the way the little dancer moved. Some friends felt mercy with her, some others laughed at her “Look at her, she can’t move right!” The little dancer felt sad. “Why can’t I be like the others? The only thing I want is for the others to like me.”

So the little dancer began looking at her friends and she began studying, how they walked and ran. She really tried hard and she gave her best to walk and to run like her friends did. But although she tried so hard, it didn’t work. The others walked so well, that she couldn’t follow. She was always a few steps behind the others.

Time went by and the little dancer grew up. She had lost many of her friends, because she wasn’t really able to walk in the right way. She started looking for what was wrong with her. The more she tried walking like the others, the more she failed. She felt sad and unhappy. The friends she had when she was a child seemed so happy. They had their professions, they had founded their own families, they had already found their ways. The dancer tried to find her own way, but sometimes it seemed impossible for her to find her happiness.

She felt emptiness around her. But she was still dreaming about love and happiness. Her dreams became her biggest treasure. Sometimes she put on her dancing-shoes and danced secretly. All her sorrows were gone while she was dancing. She felt happy in these moments.

But time went by without finding her inside satisfaction. Although she was successful with her daily work, she always felt that she was missing something.

One evening the dancer looked at the stars. She often did this, while she was dreaming. One of the stars she liked more than the others. Its light seemed brighter than the light of all the other stars. And sometimes she thought that this one star was dancing.

"Starry Night over the Rhone" - Vincent van Gogh

Suddenly she heard the star speaking to her “Do you want to dance with me? Come on, dance with me” the star said. The dancer was surprised. “Dance with me” the star repeated “You are a dancer. And you look very beautiful when you dance.”

The dancer began to understand what had been wrong all the years. She put on her dancing-shoes and started dancing. And suddenly - she heard the music in her life.

She danced and so she found her happiness. And if she isn’t already dead, I’m sure she is still dancing today.

Copyright © 2007 Ingrid Prohaska


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