Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rhyme Time

by Ingrid Prohaska, the odd one

I read an article in the NY Times
about some lost and missing rhymes
This was a very interesting read
on the peaks of my ears I felt red heat.

I looked around
where could they be hidden
I heard a sound
out of the shell midden
I even rolled the dices
to get some odd advices

I looked under the table
and found a cable
I looked under the chair
and found a silver hair
I looked under the locker
and found, oh no - Joe Cocker

I looked behind a framed picture
and found some kind of art mixture
I looked under the carpet
and found a dusty muppet
I even looked into the pan
but there I found not even a spam

Then I looked into the book of faces
but there I found just empty spaces
Finally I had a look
into my very dear notebook
There I discovered some phrases
you can imagine my praises

Now I'm near to the end of this lore
although I'm sure I could find much more
I found some fun and a very shy smile
which I'm sure will join me a while

Instead of my ear's red heat
I feel now the rhythm of my heart beat
There is just one more I'd like to say
I wish you a very fine Sunday

Copyright © 2011 Ingrid Prohaska


  1. full of wit
    and limerick too
    I sensed the rhymer
    deep in you
    and as I watched
    for next line matches
    I quizzically felt my head for scratches

    1. I hope your head is fine again
      and there is sunshine and no rain
      thanks for the comment you left here
      between us - me itches my ear