Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Rhyme ...

by Ingrid Prohaska

I spent some time
in a little rhyme
it's not a secret
just written by Ingrid

about a flowing river
and a light shining silver
about a colorful meadow
and a being with shadow

about a day of living
between Christmas and Thanksgiving
about thoughts on a mind
a pair of eyes sometimes blind

about hundreds of gifts
and a life in shifts
about a breath after all
and the rediscovery of a goal

the cook is very wise my dear
and far beyond every fear
shadows are sometimes very near
but I refuse to disappear

want to be in my own light
need a lot of energy for this fight
I know there is a way for me
with my own tools I'll take it easily

Copyright © 2011 Ingrid Prohaska


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