Sunday, July 5, 2009

Now you are free

by Ingrid Prohaska

Now you are free, she said
and sighed relieved.
He’s dead, she said.
And a soul was waiting
to see what she would feel.

You can leave your cave, she said,
you needn’t hide anymore.
He’s dead, she said.
And a soul was wondering
how freedom would taste.

You’ll see the sun,
you’ll feel the rain,
you’ll reach the stars,
you’ll lose your pain.

Memories came back
about a time where she hadn’t yet
seen what he was going to do.
Happy moments had got a veil,
the brightness had gone,
the world had become pale.
And a love had died
like a flower without light.

Try to understand, she said,
find your way to forgive.
He’s dead, she said.
And a soul was crying
why did he do that to me?

It was not my fault, she said
seemed not to be his.
He’s dead, she said.
And a soul was hoping
for a renewing spring.

When -
I’ll see the sun,
I’ll feel the rain,
I’ll reach the stars,
one day – I’ll lose my pain.

Copyright © 2009 Ingrid Prohaska



  1. I really enjoyed the method of presentation - and I'm also reminded that you have a wonderful voice!

  2. Well, it's a bit wiggly :), but I work here with "poor" equipment.
    I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment, JRD! :)