Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Moment of Goodbye

There was a time I missed you
The Black Marble Clock, Paul Cezanne
doch diese Zeit ist nun vorbei
I spent much time with waiting
time which simply passes by
I feared to face the moment
the moment of goodbye

I thought I have to take it
the suffer and the pain
thought really I could make it
if only I were not that vain

I thought it were a good thing
reduced what I call pride
result - I missed not only you
I also missed the voice inside

Still miss the funny hours
as well as the inspiring time
but now I’m out of powers
and memories covered with rime

There was a time I missed it
the chance to say goodbye
but this time I’ll take it
now it is pain which will pass by
Yes, even I still miss you
die Zeit mit Dir ist jetzt vorbei.

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